Christine Headwear specialises in the design and production of headwear that satisfies international trends and produces two collections every year.

One of the key competencies lies in creating the perfect shape, so the headwear always stays in place. Our natural materials are soft and comfortable, and do not contain any chemical substances that may irritate skin. The main materials used in the Christine Headwear models are CE certified according to EU Directive (MDR 2017/745) and includes both Caretech® Bamboo, Caretech® Supima and 37,5® Technology.

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At The Headwear Company we provide a complete marketing setup for the House of Christine brands. We have a B2B shop that enables our distributors to make their purchase quick and easily. We market our brands on Facebook, Instagram, our own website and by using a complete brand and marketing kit. we have a strong brochure and display layout that differentiates our brands on the national and international markets.