The Headwear Company is your innovative partner for headwear for all purposes. We develop, design, manufacture, market and sell our products through a number of well-established brands, Christine Headwear, VIVA Headwear, Boho Spirit Headwear, Petite Peanut Headwear and Male Headwear.

All of The Headwear Company brands are based on soft, functional, natural and environmentally friendly materials, focusing on Danish design and quality.

Our headquarter is located in the center of Denmark’s traditional textile sector, while our production is located in Vietnam at Thygesen Textile Groups own factory.

The Headwear Company is a subsidiary of Thygesen Textile Group (TTG) and based in Denmark. Thygesen Textile Group is a firmly established leader in the production of high-quality knitted fabrics sold to the textile industry worldwide for further processing into finished garments.

Thygesen Textile Group is formed of several Danish textile companies and own production facilities in Vietnam. Further, the group co-owns Müller Textil GmbH, a German textile manufacturer. The TTG ownerships covers 10 countries and, in all, employs more than 1,400 employess.