Women who face life-threatening illness, not only fight to overcome their illness, they fight to maintain their femininity. For some men and women, hair loss has a painful psychological impact.

This insight led us to establish Christine Headwear in 2005 – and the aim of the company’s collections is to provide consumers who have hair loss with a wide choice of good, modern, natural and thoroughly tested products, which at the same time are comfortable and nurturing to wear – for both body and mind.

Christine Headwear has further developed the concept and today is one of world’s international leaders in headwear for people with hair loss.

Thygesen Textile Solutions acquired Christine Headwear in 2012. Founded in 1931, Thygesen Textile Solutions is based in Denmark and is a firmly established world leader in the production of high-quality knitted fabrics, which are sold to the textile industry worldwide for further processing into finished garments.

The acquisition of Christine Headwear demonstrated Thygesen Textile Solutions’ fundamental interest in products that make a difference to people’s lives.

Since then, Christine Headwear and the concept have expanded and further developed, and in 2015, Thygesen Textile Solutions’ subsidiary The Headwear Company was formed, which encompasses sub-brands such as Christine Headwear, Viva Headwear, Boho Spirit Headwear, Petite Peanut Headwear and Male headwear. This means that The Headwear Company now covers all segments of the market, from headwear for people with hair loss, to hair covers, fashion and private label collections.

We have a B2B shop that enables our distributors to make their purchases quickly and easily.

Today, The Headwear Company is a global company, represented in 72 countries by wig, healthcare, hat and fashion distributors.